Dance Paws Original - Foot protection for dance, gymnastics, yoga, pilates

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  • Product Description

      Dance Paws Original - Foot protection for activities that require bare feet. Designed to help prevent skin injuries and are used in Modern, Lyrical, Ballet, Acrobatics, Yoga, Pilates, Cheer, Gymnastics and many other activities.

      Handmade in the United States, no animal products are used.

      With liberating protection for dancers feet, Dance Paws enhance surefootedness, freeing dancers to perform with greater confidence, passion and precision. Form-fitting power mesh spandex, an elastic band, and individual toe holes keep Dance Paws in place. Soft micro dry fabric cushions the ball of the foot and wicks moisture away from your skin. Supple and durable synthetic suede creates sure-footed contact with the floor.

      Dance Paws will feel tight when first tried on. They are designed to stretch to fit after about 6 hours of wear.

      Putting on your Paws

      Gently place the tip of each toe through its hole the pull the lycra and elastic over the toes. Release the fabric little by little as you pull them on fully.

      Colour Matching

      Apply dry powder base make-up while wearing Dance Paws or dye to match costume or skin.

      Customizing your Dance Paws

      If you feel discomfort around any toe, trim your Dance Paws to fit. A tiny cut makes a big difference so trim carefully! While wearing Dance Paws, draw a crescent shape where the fabric extends onto the top of your toe – not in between the toes. Take off your Paws and use small sharp scissors to trim to the line you made.


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